Technical Audio Services, Inc.

Where Pin 2 is always hot...


TAS can provide design documentation and installation of audio systems. Our services include patch-bays and custom harnesses and we offer years of experience designing and installing these systems. TAS can guarantee a properly implemented ground and shielding system which will result in a quiet and reliable installation. We proudly use and recommend Mogami cable for our installations.

We also offer headphone systems, surround monitoring products and installation accessories from Hear Technologies, Furman, Studio Technologies, Radio Design Labs and Gefen.

Kent Hooper

Dave Rochester helped me build the studio of my dreams for substantially less than the other studio designers I had talked to. I still have people asking me who built my room, and I have been working solid since the day we finished it. Dave's a great guy and very easy to work with. I highly recommend him! - Kent Hooper, House of Big